The Rain Creek Baking Company® is the country's foremost specialty baker of the Mediterranean delicacy, baklava, and many old-world style pastries. Our baklava varieties, European Strudels, nut tarts, macaroons, and turtle shells are hand-crafted by our team of highly skilled artisan bakers. Our unique combination of old-world recipes and proprietary innovations allow us to keep our assortments of sweets consistently delicious and authentic.

  We are located in the heart of California, surrounded by nut and fruit orchards and vineyards. We take pride in supporting our local economy by actively sourcing local suppliers for our ingredients whenever possible. All of our nuts, honey, eggs and dairy products arrive wholesome and fresh from local ranches and farmers. We produce our own fillo dough on site, guaranteeing our stringent quality standards are consistently met.   Take a bite of our mouth-watering pastries and set off on a journey to a time and place where the air is thick with the perfume of Mediterranean spices, roasting nuts, and honey. Where artisan bakers combine wholesome ingredients to create old world, hand-crafted pastries that intrigue, delight and satisfy. Welcome to The Rain Creek Baking Company.
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